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The Team

Throughout my training journey there have been times where I can't help but feeling a bit lonely, to say the least. Everyday is a day spent training mostly alone, just me against myself. This is something that has been quite difficult at times and it feels like there is a piece missing, like training with someone or even with a team. However, as difficult as it can be, I just think of the people around me and it makes me feel as if they are there either watching me or joining me. This goal of reaching the Olympics in China makes me think that my team is the people who support me.

These same people; my family, my friends, people who know about me, these are the people who keep me motivated and push me to become the best. I get a sense of fulfillment when I see them excited for me. They keep me alive when I can’t find the motivation at times. Some days can be impossible to be motivated and go train, but hey… we are going to get there.

Some of you may know that recently, I had the opportunity to train in Austria with the rest of the Mexican ski team. This was something I thought was not going to be possible for a very long time. When I heard I was invited to the training camp, I could not hold back my excitement. To think, I was going to go to a country I've never been to just to train for my sport! This was unbelievable, especially knowing that my fellow teammates were going to make the trip. I was finally going to meet the other Mexican skiers who I had only seen virtually. On the way to the training site in Austria, I was not sure what to expect. Would I get along with my teammates? Would they be hard to deal with? I had no idea.

It's the first day of training and I finally get to see everyone. Wow, what a great feeling it is to get to know and work with these people: my teammates. Getting to know them was rather easy and although we were all living in different parts of the world, we were united through two things we have in common: Mexico and cross country ski.

We got to share our stories on how we started skiing, everything we loved about it, how excited we were to be at the training camp and the best part of all: to ski and represent Mexico. As the training camp went on, we got to share more and more personal tips on skiing and other details about the sport.

The training itself was rather tiring. But in the moment, it never really seemed that way. My teammates made it enjoyable. We were all comfortable with each other which made everything much more fun. Jokes and laughs were a huge part of this training camp. Unfortunately, things had to come to an end. The training camp wrapped up and with that, everyone returned home. The camp left me with newfound knowledge, priceless relationships and with a TEAM. Team Mexico was truly the highlight of this trip. It gave me the sense of belonging to a team, which I am now. I will miss being with the team but now, I very much look forward to seeing them at our next adventure.

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