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The Beginnings of a Dream: My Motivation


Welcome to my blog! Through this space, I'm hoping to share with you amazing stories about my experience in training to be an Olympian. In this first post, I wanted to start by telling you about what first motivated me to achieve this dream of representing Mexico's best.

About 13 years ago in high school, I started skiing just to do something in preparation for the athletic season that started in the following spring. Immediately, this sport showed me what it's like to give a hundred percent in competition. It taught me that the pain and suffering of finishing a race are signs of a successful effort. Each time I skied, my competitive fire was on a whole other level. The entire race, the only thing that mattered was passing whoever is in front of me and not looking back.

I was also very lucky to not be alone. Being with the Richfield High School team was where I truly appreciated "no pain, no gain" because we all motivated each other to be our best.

My coaches also played a significant role to get me to where I am now. As I improved, they gave me the best advice to continue the good work I had achieved. Because of this, the idea of representing Mexico in the Olympics became more and more possible. It was one of my coaches who first suggested investigating the process of representing Mexico at the Winter Olympics. This was something I never really thought of but over time, I realized that this was something I wanted more than anything. Being young and without much in terms of resources, I knew that this was going to be extremely difficult. Then, everything changed. I decided to put in the work to explore exactly what I need to do to represent my beloved homeland of Mexico in cross-country skiing.

One day on a whim, I decided to make the calls and send the emails to obtain the information I needed.

I told myself: "What's the worst that could happen...they can just tell me 'no' or 'sorry'." I contacted the Mexican Ski Federation, filled out the paperwork and they finally added me to the list of recognized skiers. When they gave me my athlete number to represent Mexico, that's when it really hit me. I couldn't believe it. That dream of representing Mexico was one step closer. I remember the joy unlike anything I felt before when I saw my name on that list.

Seeing that was the beginning of something that I thought would be impossible to achieve. And yes, it has not been easy to say that I am going to do this and that is it. It's really about:

How much work I have to do to reach this goal ?

How much focus do I have to have to maintain the right mentality ?

How much pain do I have to go through to get the physique I need ?

In a word: plenty.

The more I learn about this sport, the more I learn about myself. If I can't do something, I'll learn how.

With this philosophy in mind I knew I could achieve my goal. But there was missing something. As I started to mention it to my family and friends, I realized that this journey needs to include everyone in my life. I realized that for this to be truly complete, I want to make my dream everyone's dream.

This is the motivation.

It is with happiness and pride that I say I am representing my family, my friends, and of course, my Mexico.

Let's give it our all!

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