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An Interview With Jon Soto Moreno

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, I'm Jon Soto Moreno representing the Mexican Team.

I'm from Durango, Mexico, a northern state. It's really really fun, another atmosphere, different culture, different everything.

Now, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the US. There's a lot of snow, totally different from where I grew up in Mexico. I moved here about 15 years ago, so you could say I lived my childhood in Mexico and then since then, living here in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The transition for me was very different. As a kid, I learned a new language, new everything, so I had to start learning English at school. The only thing I knew how to say in English was "Hi," "How are you doing" and that kind of stuff. As I got along with other people by playing sports and being in class, I started learning English more and more so that's how I learned English to the point that I can speak it fluently now.

In high school was where I started skiing, with one of my best friends. We started skiing as part of training for track and field but after a year or two, I decided to focus more on skiing because I fell in love with it. I ended up quitting track and field to get a job so I could afford to get skis and that kind of stuff. So I've focused on skiing since high school and skied for the Richfield High School team. Now, I'm able to represent Mexico in one of the best ways.

The first time I thought about representing Mexico was when one of my coaches pulled me aside and told me directly that I should think about the Olympics and see how I could get there. Ever since then, it's been on the back of my mind. One day, I got motivated enough to call the Olympic committee for Mexico and I got the information for the Mexican Ski Federation. Ever since that conversation, I've been thinking about representing Mexico in the Olympics or any international race.

I want to be not only a Mexican skier but a Mexican Olympian. What motivates me is representing Mexico, which is always in my heart.

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