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A Look Into My Off-Season Training

It’s summertime and you may be wondering: what is there to do for training without snow!? So I want to tell you about my experience and my plan to stay in shape for the upcoming season and get us to #Beijing2022 !

You might have already read other things about this, but I want to give you my personal take. First, I can tell you that as soon as a season ends, the next one begins with little in between. A little bit of rest and then training starts right away.

When I finished my last race of the season, it was a bittersweet moment. I felt great because the hardest part of training was over… for now. The nervousness, adrenaline and fatigue from both training and competition was over. Immediately after, there was rest and recovery from an eventful season. For the first two weeks of the postseason, I got into a little bit of an easy mode to have my body take time to relax and relieve some pressure and stress. As an added bonus, I finally got to eat tacos which I had been craving with a passion for the last few weeks of the season.

However, the bitterness of the last race also lingered. When I was done with the last post-race cool down as I was grabbing my things, I knew it was finally over. I was filled with all kinds of emotions going through my head since there was plenty of accomplishment during the season. The biggest one of them all: opening Mexico’s spot for the upcoming Olympics. A realization awakened of what is to come: to get to China, I have to train harder than ever before.

Since I started skiing, I have been told that skiers are made in the summer, not in the winter. For most people, summer is the time to let loose and have fun. For me, it’s mostly the same but with a lot of training. Since the summer started I have been prioritizing my training over everything else. To do this, I have had to have a very strong mentality since it has been anything but easy.

One of the first things I had to overhaul was my fuel. My food and my diet. I had to start eating healthier than ever before to complement my training routine. All the cookies, cakes and street food that I love are on hold until further notice. But to me, it’s a sacrifice worth making.

The other and probably most important change in my training is the physical versatility and variety. With the beautiful weather I have many more options to keep in shape. I can have easy days, hard days, running, biking and also roller skiing. My weeks are usually a little bit of everything. Starting the week easy, a couple of interval days with good rest then finishing it off with a long roller ski session or bike rides. One thing that can’t be forgotten is the need to build strength. Going to the gym is also essential to develop the muscular strength needed when I get back into competition. Whether it’s raining, sunny, hot or cold, I will find a way to do a workout and stay disciplined and focused on this amazing dream that I have.

I know that there will be many days where I just don’t feel like doing anything and I ask myself:

Why am I doing this?

Why go through so much?

And then it all comes back to me.

This is my dream. This is my everything. And my most important motivation ?

All of you.

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